Hi and a BIG welcome to my webpage/blog site. A little bit about me.

I’m a husband to Judy, father of 3 married adult children (make that 4, including our exchange student from Ecuador whom we now claim as our own), and 15 grandchildren (7 boys and 8 girls). We now live in Cedar City, Utah, where I love spending time outdoors hiking, skiing and running, especially mountain trails.

I’m a psychologist and spent the first 10 years of my career in a clinical practice (Human Development Institute). My favorite part was creating and offering personal development seminars for the general public in several cities around the country. I eventually transitioned into full-time management consulting which I’ve now done for more than 20 years. I help companies prosper by building customer-focused, collaborative organizations in which every person is an engaged and contributing partner in the business.

In my heart, I’m a writer and program developer. My business partner (Preston Pond) and I created around 70 consulting/training modules for organizations which have been used in hundreds of companies and for hundreds of thousands of people. We’ve certified over 1200 consultants to use our methodologies.

But my deepest passion has always been personal and family development. In spite of my enjoyment of consulting, I’ve come back to personal development again and again. I’ve written a couple of books, created programs in personal growth, marriage, and parenting and have been doing some blogging along the way.

And now I’m coming full circle. I’m officially retiring from my consulting business in the summer of 2015  and will focus my professional efforts on personal and family development. (Hence this web page.) My wife and I served as missionaries in the incredible country of India from October 2015 to April 2017. I’m now focusing on converting curriculum I’ve developed through the years into video format which I can offer online.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to sign up for updates and blog posts on topics of personal growth.


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"How do you describe in words something that has changed your whole life? We learned to deal with situations so that everyone can win. It is an experience that has changed our entire attitude in dealing with our marriage, family and friends."

Ted and Jane Newcomb