Own It!
By Grand Key Education

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Give your teen an edge in school and life with an award-winning self empowerment program!

The program includes:

  • 10 Interactive Lessons
    Our videos and learning activities feature improv actors who make each lesson fun, engaging and impactful.
  • Real-life Situations
    Teens are presented with scenarios in a choose-your-own-adventure format giving them the ability to see how decisions determine results.
  • Personal Strengths Report
    Each student receives an in-depth report about their strengths, career interests, and learning preferences to support planning for career and college opportunities.


A Note From Roger K. Allen…

Dear Parent,

I want to share with you something of great value for your teens. It is an online program called Own it!

As you know, it’s not easy being a teen these days. Our young people face huge challenges and have to grow up quickly. As parents, we have a responsibility to equip them with the tools and skills to step up to life with confidence, emotional resilience, and self-responsibility. The time to prepare them is now.

I have been through Own it! and can tell you that it is an outstanding program. It teaches the character skills which our young people need to claim ownership of their choices and succeed in life.

The program not only has real worth and substance but is fun and engaging, something that your teens will really enjoy. Sign up or learn more by going to www.ownitu.com. Use the Coupon Code: RKATEEN for a discount. You are about to discover that this 10-unit online course will be a 5 to 10-hour investment that will pay dividends for years to come.

As always, best regards,

Roger K. Allen, PhD

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