Workshops for Non-Profits

Special Pricing Available
Don’t let cost be an issue! I’m more interested in getting these materials into your hands than charging you arm and a leg.Let’s talk about your interest, and we’ll negotiate a price that is fair to you.

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Are you a leader within a non-profit organization? Is you mission about enriching the lives of your members?

I have developed and taught a number of programs on personal growth and family relationships that have been tested and taught to thousands of people. (Read about them below.)

I can provide comprehensive leader’s guides and participant manuals and train people in your organization to deliver this content. If you like, I’ll also give you digital files with the material so you can private label it, adapt it to your culture, and brand it as your own.

Our programs touch hearts and unleash potential. We accomplish this (and you can too) through:

  • A safe and yet open and honest atmosphere.
  • A small, intimate environment (20 to 30 people).
  • Deep understanding of why people do what they do.
  • Knowledge of how people change.
  • Powerful and time-tested strategies.
  • Real-life stories and examples.
  • Active participation and exercises rather than lecture.
  • Tools and skills that participants can take with them.

“I have known Dr. Allen for 20 years plus, and for that length of time, have used his materials on growth, development, recovery, and “becoming”, with hundreds of patients, who have been substantially blessed by implementing these principles of living into their lives.”
Michael E. Berrett, PhD, Psychologist, CEO, and Co-founder,
Center for Change, nationally known clinical teacher and trainer, and
Co-author of the APA book, “Spiritual Approaches in the Treatment of Women with Eating Disorders

Is there something more to life? Are you holding back? What would it take to break through to new levels of success and fulfillment?Life Quest is an inspiring program designed to awaken you to the possibilities of your life and live with purpose and passion. You will explore issues at the heart of who you are—your life’s purpose, the needs that drive you, the rules by which you live—and then craft a master plan to achieve an extraordinary life. An advanced program on personal empowerment and achieving results that has become a life-changing experience for thousands of people. This retreat will enable you to live from vision, integrity, commitment, personal responsibility, and love and acceptance of others.It will give you the confidence and power to make strengthening choices that lead to personal meaning, confidence and joy.  Most people enter marriage filled with love, ecstasy and the highest of hopes. Nothing has greater potential for making us happy than marriage.Yet somewhere along the way the enchantment of marriage turns to disappointment for so many couples.What goes wrong in marriage and what can couples do to fix it? Our most important work goes on within the walls of our homes. This workshop will teach you principles and skills to communicate with your children (from toddlers to teens) in ways that build trust, increase their self-worth, foster emotional maturity, and instill an attitude of personal responsibility.