Four Pillars of Marriage

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Most people enter marriage filled with love, ecstasy and the highest of hopes. Nothing has greater potential for making us happy than marriage. Yet somewhere along the way the enchantment of marriage turns to disappointment for so many couples. For the last three decades, a startling 50% of marriages end in divorce and many of those that do not end in divorce remain unsatisfying to partners who stay together out of obligation more than devotion. What goes wrong in marriage and what can couples do to fix it?

This Retreat Will Enable You To:

  • Know how to achieve a mature, intimate and satisfying relationship
  • Avoid the negative communication patterns that lead to power struggles and divorce
  • Appreciate how men and women are different
  • Experience compassion and a change of heart towards your partner
  • Become a safe place for your partner to share and grow
  • Resolve conflicts and disagreements in a way both of you feel good about
  • Develop skills in interpersonal communication and dialogue
  • Increase your devotion and know how to build friendship and have fun together
  • Create a shared vision of our future
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"Your class has totally transformed my life. I will never see myself or my life in the same light. I am committed to living my life with depth and meaning."

Joan Hall