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An advanced program on personal empowerment and achieving results that has become a life-changing experience for thousands of people. This retreat will enable you to live from vision, integrity, commitment, personal responsibility, and love and acceptance of others. It will give you the confidence and power to make strengthening choices that lead to personal meaning, confidence and joy.

  • Take charge of your life and learn to act rather than react to events
  • Meet and conquer your challenges by changing your thinking, feelings, and behavior
  • Overcome negative beliefs and feelings that keep you stuck
  • Accept yourself unconditionally
  • Understand the importance of making and keeping commitments and act from personal integrity
  • Feel compassion, forgiveness and love toward others
  • Create conditions which open up communication and build trust with others
  • Discover inner peace and happiness

The retreat is experiential and encourages you to explore issues that are at the heart of who you are. You engage in structured exercises that enable you to surface and change your assumptions and beliefs about yourself, your relationships and life. You will learn to accept the realities of your life, make positive and strengthening choices, clarify your purpose and vision for the future and act from deep, personal integrity. The seminar will empower you to make incredible changes in your ability to handle the challenges of life and reach for and achieve your highest potential.

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"The seminar I took in May was one of those turning points that I will always cherish. I am grateful for your sensitivity and compassion in developing a course that leads people to perform miracles in their lives. I get so excited…and so sobered as I am privileged to assist, to see the miracles come about over and over."

Ruth Ann