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Personal Growth

Life is not easy. We need not look far to find challenges and adversity. Some challenges are rather mild (spilled milk or a flat tire) and we handle them quickly and move on. But others are traumatic (loss of a job or death of a loved one). Such events knock us off balance, diminish our enjoyment of life, and sometimes even cause us to question our worth or capabilities.

However, I also believe that our challenges (as well as other facts, circumstances, and events) do not define us. What ultimately defines us and determines our success and fulfillment is our right and incredible ability to make choices. You and I have the power to act rather than be acted upon. You and I get to choose our thoughts, attitudes, and actions in the face of the various circumstances of our lives. And by our choices we determine our destiny, the quality and outcomes of our lives.

My purpose is to share ideas and teach you strategies and skills to make better choices, to overcome challenges (internal and external), and replace negative patterns with a positive state of mind from which you can achieve your greatest desires and live a joyful and abundant life.

I want to help you:images8BJGZHYZ

  • Make choices that lead to happiness and success
  • Give up fear and scarcity and live from love and abundance
  • Be passionate about your life
  • Know what you really want and how you’re going to make it happen
  • Reduce negativity (resenting, complaining, regretting) and stress
  • Build trust and positive relationships with those you love most
  • Overcome barriers to your personal and professional success

However, you have to do your part. Personal growth is not abracadabra nor for the faint of heart. Want a better life? Then you must be willing to pay a price:

  • Look yourself in the mirror and be honest about where you are
  • Take accountability (rather than ignore, blame or make excuses) for what happens in your life
  • Interrupt old patterns (habits) and make new choices
  • Be patient with yourself and persist when you make mistakes and suffer setbacks

Make these four commitments and take your life to new levels of success and fulfillment.

My reason for optimism:

I believe that you want to succeed. Although our definitions may vary (depending on needs, values, core beliefs, etc.), the desire to succeed and find meaning and fulfillment is innate to human nature. This fact creates tremendous leverage and motivation for you to learn, grow, and change.

I also believe that you have the ability to succeed. You are not broken and I’m not here to fix you. I respect you as a whole, capable, and resourceful person who is motivated and able to achieve new levels of success.

My hope is to play a little part (as a fellow sojourner); to offer you thoughts and insights that will touch your heart, unleash your motivation, and help you make choices that will lead to greater success and fulfillment in your personal and professional life.