Learn to Raise Responsible, Emotionally Mature Children by Enrolling in My New Video Course for Only $29 (Save $170!)

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Hello Friends!

I’m excited to announce the launch of a new, state-of-the-art video training course on How to Raise Responsible, Emotionally Mature Children.

As a thank-you for your subscription to my email newsletter, I am offering the video course (normally priced at $199) for a limited time, promotional price of only $29.

If you enroll and complete this course, here’s what you will learn how to do:
  • Establish loving authority in your home
  • Create conditions to open up communication and build trust
  • Build an atmosphere of harmony rather than criticism, bickering, or put-downs
  • Resolve disagreements and conflicts constructively and without power struggles
  • Give up parenting habits that destroy self-esteem and weaken relationships
  • Teach your children to assume responsibility for their feelings and actions
  • Set limits and enforce discipline without being heavy-handed

This engaging course, taken from decades of my own research and experience, features:

  • Over 50 lessons and 5 hours of video
  • 17 printable PDF Quick Reference Guides
  • An online discussion forum where you can post questions and receive answers from me and other members of our learning community
  • A free downloadable folder containing the audio (MP3) files for all video lectures
  • A 30-day money back guarantee
You can view some free sample videos from the course by visiting the course page and clicking the “Preview” buttons in the course outline.

Read what others have said about this highly-rated information on raising responsible children:

  • “In my career as a specialist providing treatment to adolescents and their families, I have seen many parenting theories, models, manuals and books. I have seen nothing that rises to the stature of Dr. Allen’s work. It has depth, breadth, easy to understand models, timeless and true principles, stories, examples and specific steps to get where you want to go.” Michael E. Berrett, Ph.D. Psychologist, nationally known clinical teacher and CEO of Center for Change
  • “Even before taking this course I was a huge fan of Roger’s work, and thought I had a good grasp of the principles and practices he teaches. I was surprised then, to find myself learning so much and enjoying so fully this new format in which he has chosen to utilize. Without any reservations I can wholeheartedly recommend that you enroll in this course.” Justin W. Riggs, course participant
  • “Roger Allen takes a difficult subject that is close to our hearts, and in an engaging manner, inspires us to become better parents and grandparents. We all value our children and want the best for them. This course will help you create a nurturing environment in your home. It shares principles and skills that teach you how to interact with your children in loving ways that foster self-worth, emotional maturity, and personal responsibility.” Hyrum Smith Co-Founder FranklinCovey
  • “When I was young, I had no idea my parents were using the skills taught in this course. What I did know was that they took time to listen and talk with me. As a result, we developed trust and I learned to take responsibility for my choices . And now that I’m a mother I use the skills every day. I love them! I am able to create teachable moments and a more peaceful environment.” Vallarie Blake Nuttall, Mother of six

Please feel free to share this special, promotional discount with other family members or friends. You’re welcome to share it with anyone who would benefit from the empowering principles for raising responsible children which are contained in this course: https://www.udemy.com/raising-responsible-children/?couponCode=29CODE15

This special, discounted price will only last for a few weeks, so enroll now. I look forward to your participation.

Your friend,

Roger Allen

About Roger K. Allen
Roger K. Allen, Ph.D. is an expert in personal transformation and family development. His tools and methods have helped tens of thousands of people live happier and more effective lives. To learn more, visit www.rogerkallen.com>.

2 responses to “Learn to Raise Responsible, Emotionally Mature Children by Enrolling in My New Video Course for Only $29 (Save $170!)”

  1. elizabeth feipel says:

    regarding: how to raise responsible, emotionally mature children.
    In your opinion will the program be helpful with a college age young adult?
    Thank you.

    • Roger Allen says:

      Yes, Elizabeth, the skills are helpful for older children, including college age young adults. You will learn how to open up communication, get concerns on the table, help him/her take greater responsibility, etc.

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"The best thing I’ve ever done. I learned to take responsibility for myself and not be responsible for, or control others. I can’t think of anyone I know who would not benefit by taking this class. We are now encouraging all our children to enroll in the course."

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