Master Your Self-Defeating Emotions
A short primer on how to overcome negative feelings by understanding their source and how to change them to feelings that fuel positive behavior.
Key Moments
From the popular audio series Making Things Happen, this 26-minute audio will help you know how you become trapped in self-defeating attitudes and behaviors. More importantly, learn to change your typical responses.
This nine-minute audio clip will teach you how to set clear and enforceable expectations with your children. It is taken from the popular book Raising Responsible, Emotionally Mature Children and best-selling online video program by the same title.
Parenting is not about getting our children to do what we want, which often leads to over-managing or over-indulging them. It is about creating a loving relationship and nurturing home that enables them to feel good about themselves and take full responsibility for their decisions.
Some interactions with our children are emotionally charged and fraught with conflict. I call these key moments. We cannot not respond to a key moment. The question is, are we aware as we respond or do we simply react in a knee-jerk kind of way? Do we communicate, during these key moments, in ways that help our children learn and grow?
This tool provides structure to make it safe for couples to be open and share their inner most thoughts and feelings. It helps minimize misunderstandings and prevent power struggles.
An 11-minute, guided meditation from The Hero’s Choice Workbook that uses visual imagery to help you relax.
stop look listen
A structured process to interrupt our tendency to react in negative ways during a key moment (upsetting event) and respond from love and goodwill.
dream ave vision st
Many people meander through life because they haven’t clarified what is most important to them. Use this exercise to set a vision and goals for the next chapter of your life.
Are you holding onto a grudge or resentment towards your spouse or partner? Do you know what it is costing you? Are you willing to forgive him or her so you can move forward in peace and happiness? If so, then I encourage you to follow this procedure.