Making Things Happen (Audio)

By Roger K. Allen, Ph.D.

The purpose of this audio program is to help you discover the ability to live based on principles of love, trust, and abundance. You’ll gain insights into why at “key moments” you become trapped in self-defeating attitudes and behaviors. More importantly, you’ll discover the desire, awareness, and ability to make new choices that lead to a sense of power, happiness, high self-esteem and enjoyable relationships.

Product Description

Several years ago I created an intensive, experiential seminar in personal awareness and responsibility known as Making Things Happen. The seminar became known for its life-changing impact on people and my staff and I taught it hundreds of times to thousands of people in several cities around the country.

Dr. Randy Hardman and I decided to condense many of the core concepts from this seminar into an easy-to-use audio format.

Finding success and fulfillment is not an impossible dream. And yet it won’t happen by accident. You have to act. This program will guide you in those actions that will result in confidence, personal effectiveness, and happiness.

The live seminar, of course, cost several hundred dollars. But now you can have access to the content for the low price of $39.95.

What Will You Learn

The Love/Trust Model: a road map of human healthiness. You will understand that your behavior is a function of the state you are in and that you can choose and create a Love/Trust state that is freeing and empowering.

Key Moments: These are moments of upset when things are not working. Learn how you become trapped in self-defeating attitudes and behaviors. More importantly, learn to change your typical responses.

Accountability: Your willingness to claim ownership of the results you’re getting in life. It’s easy to make excuses or put the blame elsewhere. Yet doing so leaves you powerless and out of control of your life. Taking ownership means discovering freedom.

Vision: Being clear about what you want. As you clarify what you really want in life you’ll bring your behavior into alignment with that. You can learn to be proactive and make what you want happen rather than waiting for it to happen.

Commitment: The state of mind in which you’re willing to do whatever is necessary to produce a result. It has to do with translating your vision into reality. I do what I say I’ll do (integrity).

Reality: The way things are; what is, whether you recognize it or not. Deny or fight it and it persists. Recognize and accept it and you have new choices about it.

Subjective Reality: Your beliefs, judgments, wishes, hopes, etc. It either empowers or imprisons you. It’s possible to challenge and change negative, self-defeating beliefs.

Personal Responsibility: Your willingness to recognize choices available at any given moment. The quality of your life depends not on circumstances and events but the choices you make regarding these. People who are successful and happy make choices that are strengthening.

Abundance/Scarcity: Two contexts from which to view life. Most people see what is missing. People who are happy experience life from what is available.