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Claiming Your Power to Live a Happy and Abundant Life

By Roger Allen

Self-Empowerment Online Seminar

By Roger K. Allen, Ph.D.

In this course, you will learn specific strategies from positive psychology and the science of happiness to create a happy and abundant life. You will also do the deeper work of replacing negative patterns of thinking and behaving with a positive state of mind. The course will help you stop waiting for others and circumstances to change and empower you to take destiny into your own hands by showing you how to take full responsibility for your thoughts, emotions, behavior and the results you desire.

Product Description

The course is based on three truths: First is that you want to be happy. You want to feel joy, peace and love. You don’t wake up in the morning thinking, “My goal, today, is to see how miserable I can be.” No, if you’re like most people, your greatest desire is to experience positive emotions and live a happy and meaningful life. Your desire to be happy is your natural state, as natural as eating, sleeping, and breathing. The second truth is that life is hard. You were born into an imperfect world, to imperfect caregivers, and have likely had hard experiences, perhaps even beginning at an early age, which have caused you to feel emotional pain, fear, insecurity, inadequacy, and resentment. Although life is easier for some than others, most people experience their share of setbacks, loss, unfulfilled expectations, and just plain hard times. The third truth is that you have the ability to choose. The facts, circumstances, and events of your life don’t define you. What ultimately defines you and determines your success and fulfillment is your ability to make good, positive, or empowering choices. And by your choices you determine your destiny and quality of your life. However, this power is not given to you. You must claim your power to live a happy and successful life. Of course, making new choices is not easy. Hence, this course. I've helped thousands of people improve the quality of their lives and have designed this course to give you breakthrough insights and powerful and practical strategies to live a happy and abundant life.

What Will You Learn

  • Scientifically proven strategies to live a happy and joyful life.
  • Tools to quiet yourself and find inner peace.
  • The know-how to give up waiting for “out-there” to change and take ownership of your life.
  • The knowledge to handle negative feelings and overcome adversity.
  • How to choose empowering thoughts, feelings, and behavior in any circumstance.
  • How to change negative stories about yourself and your life to empowering, uplifting stories.

This Course Consists of Four Sections.

Section one is Claiming Joy: I teach you principles and strategies from the science of happiness and positive psychology to know how to find happiness and joy on the inside. Section two is Claiming Ownership: I teach you how to be a victor rather than victim of life, how to take ownership of your life and live proactively from your own power Section three is Claiming Your Power: I teach you a powerful model, based on principles of cognitive behavior therapy, to change your brain and how you experience setbacks and challenges so you can turn adversity into triumph and know that nothing can happen in your life that you cannot handle and master. Section four is Claiming Your Story: I teach you to tell yourself a new story, an empowering story about yourself and your life that will enable you to feel good about who you are and achieve your greatest desires.
I have taught the strategies from this course for many years to hundreds of audiences and thousands of people. Many of the participants from my experiential programs share with me, sometimes 30 years later, that my courses were a turning point in their lives or among a very few of the most meaningful experiences of their lives. The ideas are sound and will change your life if you use them.ENROLL NOW


“As a counselor who uses positive psychology, this has been a very enlightening course; not only for use in future sessions, but also on a personal level as I did the exercises. My only regret is coming to the end. Loved the engaging teaching style.”

Gavriella K.

“Quite interesting facts! So far, I think that he systemaize all small little things that I have collected from books, videos and internet.”

Lucie’s N.

“Wonderful inspiring thank you?”

Kjersti S.

“I am very much enjoying it. Several points are resonating with me. I am just watching the videos all the way through right now (there is a LOT of infomation to take in) and plan to go back through them and do the exercises on the second time around.”

Christine E M.

“Excellent course to rid of anxiety and achieve joy. Well worth the time and money. Thanks.”

Nootiw S.

“Satisfied and enjoyed this course a lot!”

Georgette S.

“This course is getting me back to my college days. I am looking forward to learning more about this course.”

Antara B.

“Yes it is a good match for me..learning ,understanding many thing about our mental health & happiness.. Thank you”

Arundhati D.

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    Write Your Story

      Once you submit your story, I'll review it and get back to you. This may take a few days. I'll let you know when it will be published and invite you to then share your post with your friends and family.