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Creating a Happy Marriage and Love Relationship-Online Marriage Course

By Roger Allen

By Roger K. Allen, Ph.D.

Hi and welcome to my online course to teach you how to build a great marriage or loving relationship with your life partner.

For most couples, building a happy and successful relationship is a difficult journey. You’re probably aware that about 50% of marriages end in divorce. Once the glow of romance fades, couples, including those who were once madly in love, experience conflict, disappointment and even despair.

  • Some feel the disappointment so deeply that they decide to end the relationship.
  • Others pretend that everything is okay but settle for less than they ever desired.
  • Others try to sort things out and work through their issues.

We Long for Companionship

And yet, in spite of the challenges of building a happy relationship, it is natural for us to want to find a partner and settle into a life together. We don’t like being alone. We want someone with whom to share our life experiences. As a matter-of-fact, 96% of people in our society today marry or come together as a couple during their lifetimes. And even among those who divorce, the great majority of them will eventually remarry. If our desire for companionship is so deep, what goes wrong?
  • We lack good role models
  • We come into marriage ill-prepared
  • We have unrealistic expectations of marriage and our partners
  • And we have not learned the tools and skills to build a successful relationship

Vast Research on Happy Marriages

But the good news is that there is a vast body of research on happiness in marriage. We know what happy couples do and these practices can be learned. Here’s one quick example. Your partner says, “What beautiful sunset.” You can respond in one of three ways. You can turn towards your partner by saying something like, “Wow, it certainly is beautiful. Look at those pink hues reflecting off the clouds.” You can turn away from your partner by ignoring the comment or responding with indifference. Or you can turn against your partner by making a negative or even argumentative comment. “I don’t see what’s so special about it.” Or, “I can’t get anything done when you continually interrupt me.” In happy marriages, partners turn towards each other 85% of the time. In unhappy marriages, partners turn away or against about 85% of the time. This means that you can improve your relationship by learning to recognize “bids” to talk and turning towards rather than against or away. In healthy marriages, partners are there for each other. You’re each accessible, attuned, and responsive to one another’s needs and feelings. This is what this course is about, helping you become more emotionally accessible, attuned and connected.

Take-Aways from the Course

Here is what you'll get by going through the course:
  • Understand five stages of marital satisfaction including where you are and next steps in your journey
  • How to replace toxic relationship patterns of interaction with actions that build unity
  • Greater respect, acceptance and love for your spouse
  • Practices to build positive feelings and friendship
  • Differences between women and men and how to better meet your spouse’s needs
  • Greater responsibility for your own feelings and needs
  • How to have more open and vulnerable communication
  • Skills to handle disagreements and conflict
  • The mindset and communication skills to have a great sexual relationship
  • A shared vision of the future. shared vision of the future
Your relationships more than any other factor, define your happiness and the quality of your life. And there is really no relationship that matters more than that with your life partner.

Who is This For?

  • Anyone who wants to improve their relationship skills
  • Couples who have been together for years
  • Couples just getting started
  • Couples who have a good relationship but want to go to the next level
  • Couples who are struggling
  • Singles and dating
  • Divorcees
  • Counselors and coaches who want to do more work with couples

Two Ways to Do the Program

There are two ways to go through the program. One is as a couple. It’s nice if you talk it over and decide to learn and practice together. The other is as an individual. It’s common for one or the other spouse to feel a greater desire to improve their relationship and so the other option is to go through it on your own. Not only will you learn a ton but you’ll begin to realize how much one person can do to make your relationship better. As you change, your relationship will change and improve. Your spouse will likely notice and begin mirroring the changes you’re making, whether he or she goes through the program or not.

Course Outline

Section 1: Overview including resources and tips to get the most value from the course. Section 2: The five stages of marital satisfaction. This is a roadmap to help you understand where you are and how to move forward. I’ll also talk about four toxic relationship patterns of interacting that kill love and prevent you from achieving a loving relationship. And, I introduce the six habits of a healthy relationship. It is these habits that will guide the remainder of our journey. Section 3: Self-responsibility. It’s hard to be a great partner if you don’t accept responsibility for yourself—your needs, feelings and behavior. We’ll talk about how to be accountable for your own emotional reactions and how to make positive choices when things go wrong. Section 4: Honor your partner. Your partner is a unique person, distinct from you, someone who has the right to his or her own feelings, needs, thoughts, and choices. This section is about understanding your differences and appreciating your partner, becoming committed to their happiness as well your own. You'll shift from seeing your partner from an "I-It" to an "I-thou" orientation. Section 5: Friendship and unity. You are companions in this journey and the happiest couples nurture each other and know how to have fun together. A number of lessons in this section will include steps you can take to build a more satisfying sexual relationship. Section 6: Connection and communication. We’ll explore different styles of communication and how to make it safe to talk openly about your needs, feelings and expectations and allow your spouse to do the same. Section 7: Resolving conflict. You’ll learn the art of dialogue and a powerful three-step process of conflict resolution in your marriage. You'll learn to not only resolve disagreements but in a way that preserves your trust and goodwill. Section 8: Shared vision. You’ll not only define your shared vision but create a marital coat of arms and put in place some structures or routines to help you achieve your vision.

Bonus Materials

The course includes lots of extras in the form of handouts and worksheets as well as exercises to deepen your learning and make it more real. I’m also giving you an audio of the entire program so you can listen on the go. And remember, not only can get this course for a great price, but you will get a full refund within the first thirty days if you’re not satisfied. Are you ready to make an investment in your most important relationship? Enroll now to learn state of the art, strategies, and skills to take your relationship to the next level.


I loved this course! It is a pleasure to listen to Dr Allen speak. He explains everything very clearly and provides wonderful instructions and ideas on how to really make your marriage work. I’m looking forward to applying everything I have learned. Thank you so much!

Naomi Calabrese

“Awesome class. Very insightful and hit me. We are a much better couple now. Thank you.”

Antonia Yudhita

“This is the best purchase that I have made for myself in my life. You are purchasing something that makes you a better person. A family is the smallest and the most precious institution in a society, healthy societies starts within the health families, to save and protect this institution so much effort is needed, I think the instructor teaches all the necessary tools to maintain this unity.”

Memis Cetinkaya

“Can I say enough about Roger K. Allen and his teaching?!? No, I cannot! I am a huge fan of every resource put out by this phenomenal man. His blog, books, and THIS course have CHANGED MY LIFE. His researched views of life and love have caused me to feel so much power and joy in my relationships. Thank you Roger for this course!!”

Kendra L. Haws

“Excellent course which should help countless families resolve their problems, and look at marriage in a totally different and positive way.”

A.G. Mercieca

“Another hit from Dr. Roger Allen! I love all of his Udemy programs. So much value, knowledge and practical advice I can use in my marriage. I have been married for 17 years and this course gives all the information to help me take my marriage to the next level. I highly recommend this course to any married couple. It is beneficial for newly-weds and veteran couples.”

David Melvin

“We have been married for almost 55 years, but this course has helped us to recognize areas where we could improve. It also has given us new ideas and insights how we can add more positive actions that we have not previously thought of to make our marriage even better! I am so grateful for the opportunity to take this course!”

Linda Shubin

“Definitely great information and more importantly I can completely relate to the stages. The examples given such as the night trip for Boy Scouts are something that I have experienced too and felt similar. The explanation of each of the concepts are very simple, easy to understand and definitely can be related to. I like the stages explanation but one thing I would add is that these stages are experienced throughout life and not necessarily in an order.”

Madhavi Mahavadi

“I absolutely love the handouts, and written exercises that are included. They fit well with the sections, and enhance learning as we write, share, and practice the principles taught in the course.”

Sandra Rush

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    Write Your Story

      Once you submit your story, I'll review it and get back to you. This may take a few days. I'll let you know when it will be published and invite you to then share your post with your friends and family.

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