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Managing Stress and Building Resilience Masterclass

By Roger Allen

By Roger K. Allen, Ph.D.

A truth is that life is hard. Although it’s harder for some than others, it’s hard, at least some of the time, for all of us.

I think of resilience as how we handle the hard things in our lives. I define it as the process of adapting well to life’s hardships, adversity, loss, trauma, tragedy, and even everyday stresses. Resilience has to do with how we navigate our challenges, how we bounce back from hard events, and how we function at a high level in the midst of stress.

This course is for you, if:

  • You grew up in difficult childhood circumstances, including poverty, neglect, abuse, or relationship instability.
  • You face, today, a constant barrage of adversity or challenges including family conflict, problems on the job, chronic pain, or financial concerns that are wearing you down.
  • You have lived through traumatic events such as the death of a loved one, a serious illness, an accident, natural disasters, war, or even social rejection or ongoing bullying.
  • You have lost your ability to enjoy life due to the chaotic and uncertain state of the world.
  • You are a sensitive personality, prone to anxiety and depression
Sometimes stressful events and circumstances outweigh our ability to cope, and we become emotionally dysregulated, experience symptoms of anxiety or depression, succumb to physical illness, or engage in unhealthy addictive behaviors and coping mechanisms. And sometimes we’re able to harness our inner strength to not only cope but heal and even grow stronger in the face of hardship, trauma, adversity and daily stress.

The Thunderstorms of Life

There’s an old African saying, “You know how well the roof has been built only when it rains.” Look at it this way. The thunderstorms of our lives present our greatest opportunities to develop those qualities that we consider most noble. Courage, humility, integrity, confidence, and compassion are forged not when life is easy but when we are challenged, when it is raining. So our objective should not be to shrink from adversity but rather learn wisdom and courage as we lean into our challenges.

Purpose of the Course

The purpose of this course is to give you strategies and tools become mentally and emotionally stronger (more resilient) as you face the hard things in your life. I’m going to offer you a framework for understanding resilience and provide you with dozens of powerful and proven techniques and practices to apply these strategies to your life, at home and work. Much of the power of the course is in the range of tools I’ll be providing you.


So here is what you’re going to get out of the course:</>
  • Courage to face your challenges and come out a winner
  • Deeper knowledge of your emotions and how to use them for your good
  • The ability to stop negative self-talk and create thoughts that support and empower you
  • Knowledge to build a strong and supportive social network
  • Confidence and an enlarged sense of yourself so you can stand tall during challenges
  • Many tools and techniques to calm yourself and manage stress
  • Knowledge, strategies, and skills to grow your resilience


Here’s a roadmap that describes where we’re headed in the course. Section One: Introduction and Overview of the course. I’ll teach you a framework for understanding adversity as well as a deeper understanding of resilience. I’m also giving you a questionnaire to rate your current level of resilience. Section Two: The Resilience Mindset. These are case studies of people who have overcome resilience and how they did it. We’ll look at some common themes and patterns. Section Three: The Stress Response. I’ll help you understand your brain’s response to stress and give you tools to calm your emotions and empower yourself in the midst of stress. Section Four: The Four Pillars of Resilience. I do an overview of the four core pillars or four ways to grow your resilience. We’ll also talk about the difference between trauma-informed and a healing-centered approach to resilience. Section Five: Pillar One: Honor Your Emotions. You’ll learn strategies and usable practices in emotional self-regulation so you can calm yourself and respond to stress in a more effective way. Section Six: Empower Your Thinking. You’ll learn a model as well as lot of strategies you can use to overcome self-defeating self-talk and adopt an empowering rather than defeatist mindset as you face your challenges. Section Seven: Nourish Your Relationships. Nothing is more highly correlated with mental wellbeing than strong social relationships. You’ll explore lots of ways to grow and strengthen your relationships. Section Eight: Enlarge Your Sense of Self. People who are resilient have a good knowledge of themselves, a sense of autonomy, trust their own authority and believe they can succeed. You will learn practices to strengthen these capacities within yourself so you can better withstand the stresses of your life. Section Nine: Summary and Conclusion. We’ll review the major take-aways from the course and I’ll give you another opportunity to complete the same questionnaire as when you started as a way of measuring your progress.

Lots of Resources

I also want you to know that I’ll be giving you lots of handouts to go with the lessons which you can download to remember and practice the concepts. I am also giving you exercises to apply what you learn. My intent is to make the concepts usable. I want you to come away from the course empowered mentally and equipped with skills that you can begin using immediately. All of the resources I’m giving you will make the skills and practices stick. So sign up now. The price is incredibly low considering what you’ll take away from this course. And don’t forget that it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. See you in the course.


The course is well structured and the information provided is very easy to understand and apply in the real life. I strongly recommend. Thank you!

Gavriella K.

Great course. Awesome author.The content of the course resonates with the philosophy of Stoicism.

Mykhailo H

With gratitude and a sincere thank you for making available a superb course. I found it contained immeasurable value in terms of knowledge and practical application crafted within the Four Pillars of Resilience.

Joseph P.

the content is very good and inspirational

Susan M.

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    Write Your Story

      Once you submit your story, I'll review it and get back to you. This may take a few days. I'll let you know when it will be published and invite you to then share your post with your friends and family.