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Performance Management: Confronting Poor Performance

By Roger Allen

As a consultant to dozens of companies, I have learned that many leaders, managers, and supervisors don’t do a good job of confronting problem performance or behavior. It is challenging to do so and seems easier to ignore or side-step sensitive issues hoping they’ll go away. Unfortunately they don’t. Problems fester and the employees who fail to meet expectations become a toxic influence on their coworkers and drag down the morale or performance of the majority. The purpose of this course is to show you ways to improve the work performance of all your employees.

A Seven Step Process to Improve Work Performance and Employee Behavior

Developing the confidence and ability to speak respectfully, candidly and yet firmly to poor performing people is a necessary skill for any leader, supervisor or manager and a necessary ingredient for building a great organization. This performance management course will teach you how. You'll learn a performance management process to set and communicate your expectations to your employees. Then, you'll learn a proven, 7-step strategy for confronting difficult or non-compliant employees. I'll illustrate these concepts with multiple case studies and scenarios that will help you learn and apply these strategies to your current relationships with your employees. By watching this performance management course, you will be able to:
  • Build trust and goodwill
  • Create a climate which brings out the best in people
  • Learn best practices in performance management
  • Clarify "non-negotiables"in three critical areas
  • Set clear performance expectations for individual employees
  • Confront poor performing employees
  • Gain support from other leader
This course is for:
  • Owners of small businesses
  • Anyone who manages or supervises people


“The course is short and concise as the author defines a process with actionable steps and guidelines for handling difficult conversations. In the last sections, there are some common scenarios in which you can see how the whole process comes into play and recognize the notions outlined in the first part. Before taking the course, I was clueless on how to even approach such a discussion, but now I feel like I have the notions and the tools to improve my confrontational skills.”

Marius Necula

“I’ve taken other courses by Dr. Allen and I’m always impressed at how succinct and on-point his lectures are. These are skills that every manager should possess, and every employee should understand.”

Justin Wolsey Riggs

“Very good and well-explained course, definitely recommend it.”

Wilkia Silva

“The course is relevant, straight forward, and gives concrete approaches and examples of how to address poor performance in the workplace.”

Kiley Adams

“Great course. I appreciate how practical it was. I will be able to use this information right away. Thanks!”

Whitney Wilson

“Very clear and direct. A good mix of lecture and visuals making the points. Each segment is short enough that it can be done easily if you don’t have an hour or two at a time. Seems to relate well to real world issues and have actionable content.”

Brian Anderson

“This course is in line with my own strategies in handling other employees. It escalated it to a new level for me and it was helpful in seeing Dr. Allen’s own demeanor as he delivered the course”

Michelle Mullen

“Great set up, with a clear understanding of where the material originated, and why it is important to improve our approach in order to enhance performance of any team, but especially the leader of the team. ”

Ed Engel

“Great course and well-thought out. Easy to follow and use”

Jonathan Koblick

“The course gets right into dealing with problem employees and gives straightforward strategies that are appropriate in the workplace. Also includes a few helpful reference guides to keep handy.”

Steve Churchill

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    Write Your Story

      Once you submit your story, I'll review it and get back to you. This may take a few days. I'll let you know when it will be published and invite you to then share your post with your friends and family.