The Hero’s Choice Workbook:
A Toolkit To Live Your Best Life Now

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I have truly been touched by all of the great feedback from people who have not only read The Hero’s Choice but are doing their best to apply the lessons in their lives. In fact, many readers have shared with me that they’ve made the book a personal workbook, of sorts, in order to practice the principles in a deliberate way.

And so I decided to make it easier for you by writing a workbook to support you in this journey.

How often have you been excited, after reading a self-help book, attending a seminar, or listening to an inspiring speech, only to fall back into your old habits or routine?

The workbook changes that. It provides you a structure to move beyond understanding the principles taught in the book to practicing them and making them real in your life. After all, you don’t really “know” something until you can live it.

Oddly, despite the mix of emotions swirling around him, Hal felt calm and confident. Mitch accused him of being in la-la land when he called to tell him a pretrial conference had been scheduled. His mother asked if he was on something. He understood their positions completely. He would have said the same thing himself only two months ago. No matter what irritations presented themselves, he felt an inexplicable deep sense of calm and peace. He didn’t try to make it happen. It was just there. A state of grace. (Excerpt from The Hero’s Choice, p. 220)

The workbook is a 90 page PDF file consisting of 18 life lessons. It includes guidelines, practices, a routine, and worksheets to take your life to a new level. It will give you what you need to:

  • Apply the principles from The Hero’s Choice to your life
  • Create a positive attitude
  • Handle adversity
  • Increase your motivation
  • Reach your goals
  • Reduce your stress
  • Improve your marriage and family relationships

Feel the profound personal power, confidence and joy and know that nothing outside is bigger than what is inside, by ordering a copy of the workbook now.

Bonus Resources

In addition to the workbook, I’m giving you other resources to help you implement the lessons from the book (a $75 value):

  • 10 Quick Reference Guides which you can carry with you to remind you of the core principles (e.g. Serenity Model, The Three Rs, Stop-Look-Listen-Choose, Challenging Automatic Thoughts, etc.).
  • 15 Exercise Sheets—to practice what you are learning.
  • 19 Mp3 Audio Files so you can listen to each lesson on your phone or i-pod.
  • Tracking Forms to measure your progress.
  • 4 Bonus Audio Files (approximately 30 minutes each) on meditation and handling your key moments.
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"I can’t even begin to explain with words the incredible things I discovered. I am able to feel more love for everything and everyone around me. I see everything in a new light, with new perspective which adds peace to my soul. I feel so whole and complete, and ready to embark on my life adventure. This has been the BEST investment I’ve ever made!"

Sephora Jacob