The Power of Grace
Take a Chance
Build positive relationships with those
you love the most.
Learn the mindset and strategies to live a happy and abundant life.
Overcome challenges (internal and external) and achieve your greatest desires.

My Purpose

My purpose is to share ideas and teach you strategies and skills to make better choices, to overcome challenges (internal and external), and replace negative patterns with a positive state of mind from which you can achieve your greatest desires and live a joyful and abundant life.


"I’m living for me…not to prove to other people that I’m worthy of living. My self-identity was tied up in accomplishments and what others thought of me. It’s good to have that off my back."

Becky Tuttle

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Meet Roger K. Allen


Hi and a BIG welcome to my website and blog.

A little about me. I’m a husband to Judy, father of 4 married adult children and 15 grandchildren. We live in Cedar City, Utah, USA, where I love spending time outdoors their hiking, skiing and running, especially mountain trails.

I’m a psychologist and spent the first 10 years of my career in a clinical practice (Human Development Institute) and offering personal development seminars for the general public in several cities around the country.

I then transitioned into management consulting, which I’ve now done for more than 30 years. Through the Center for Organizational Design, I have helped companies prosper by improving their leadership and building nimble, customer-focused and collaborative teams in which every person is an engaged and contributing partner to the business. My business partner and I have certified over 1200 consultants from around the world to use our methodologies and impacted hundreds of businesses and hundreds of thousands of people.

But my deepest passion and greatest meaning have always come from personal and family development and, as you can see from the testimonials on this page, I’ve helped thousands of people make better choices, overcome challenges, and replace negative patterns with a positive state of mind from which they now live joyful and abundant lives.

I want to help you do the same. However, personal growth is not abracadabra. Want a better life? Then you must be willing to pay a price:

  • Look yourself in the mirror and be honest about where you are
  • Take accountability (rather than ignore, blame or make excuses) for what happens in your life
  • Interrupt old patterns (habits) and make new choices
  • Be patient with yourself and persist when you make mistakes and suffer setbacks

Make these four commitments and take your life to new levels of success and fulfillment.

The content on this website, both articles and products, will accelerate your success.  And I look forward to being a mentor and guide in your journey to greater fulfillment and meaning.

Roger K. Allen

Books, Workbooks, and Curriculum

Our personal development products are engaging and practical tools that will empower you to achieve high levels of personal fulfillment and success as well as build loving relationships with the members of your family. Plus, they are not very expensive or intrusive. Study them in your own way and at your own pace.

Making Things Happen
(Audio Program)

by Roger K. Allen

The Hero's Choice Workbook:
A Toolkit To Live Your Best Life Now

by Roger K. Allen

The Hero's Choice
Leading From The Inside Out

by Roger K. Allen

Own It!

by Grand Key Education

Online Parenting Course

by Roger K. Allen

Raising Responsible,
Emotionally Mature Children (book)

by Roger K. Allen