Does Your Life Partnership Need Some Work?

In our quest toward self actualization, I’ve asked to you look inward, and now we’ve started to look outward; namely, at the quality of your relationship with your life partner.  Yesterday, you took a quiz about your relationship (if you didn’t catch that blog, click here).  Today we’ll analyze your results.

The statements break down into six categories:

  • Closeness.  The first five statements relate to the emotional intimacy between you and your partner.
  • Trust. Statements 6 through 10 reveal how much you and your partner really trust each other.
  • Communication. Statements 11 through 15 reveal how well you and your partner communicate with each other.
  • Commitment. Are you are your partner in it for life?  Statements 16 through 20 reveal the depth of your commitment.
  • Fun. Statements 21 through 25 shed light on whether you are your partner still have fun together.
  • Division of roles. Statements 26 through 30 point out imbalances in the workload between you and your partner.

There’s no need for the artificial processes of giving your relationship a “score;” the ideal responses to the statements in the quiz should be self-evident.  As you look at your responses in each category, you may see areas that need improvement.  You may find that you aren’t satisfied with your relationship in any of the six categories.  This isn’t a failure on your part or on the part of your partner – it’s a call to action.  Your partner is your traveling companion on your journey to self actualization.  So tomorrow, let’s talk about how we can strengthen your relationship so the two of you can get there together.


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