Ready for the details? (Part 1)

Yesterday we talked about some of the aspects of your life, and how satisfied you were with them.  Now I’d like to zero in on the individual aspects a little more with this quiz.  It’s long, so I’ll give it to you in two parts, and then we’ll talk about the results and how this new knowledge can help you.  I know I said that self actualization questions demand and deserve your time and attention, but as you go through these questions, mark down the first answer that comes to you.Give each of the following statements a score ranging from 1 – 5.  If you don’t agree with the statement, give it a one.  Five means you totally agree.   Tally up the score for each category individually.


  1. I’m really good at a couple of things, and good enough at most things.  I’ll do fine.
  2. I hardly ever compare myself to other people.
  3. I’ve got the brains, skills and toughness I need to get through this life.
  4. I’m here in this world for a reason.
  5. If I take this quiz next week or next month, my score will probably be around the same as it is right now


  1. When you face a new situation, you assess the challenge, decide on your approach, and give it your best shot.
  2. Meeting new people is usually interesting, if not enjoyable – they are likely to have a fresh world view if nothing else.
  3. You’re in a restaurant for an important anniversary and both the food and service are both disappointing.  You tell the manager and ask her to adjust your check.
  4. You are at a meeting amongst colleagues when you are suddenly called upon to discuss an area of your expertise.  You report what you know calmly and clearly.
  5. When I fail to achieve a goal, it doesn’t rock me for long before I’m re-evaluating the situation and going in for another try.


  1. When someone treats me like I’m worthless, I either laugh or wonder what’s wrong with them.
  2. If I lose control of a stressful situation, I roll with it pretty well.
  3. I put my best foot forward, but if someone I know sees me when I’m not at my best, it’s not the end of the world.
  4. When I discover something negative about myself – a fear, weakness or unlikable quality – I’m not happy about it, but I can accept it.  After all, everyone has their down side.
  5. I had had to change to a dramatically different role or profession in life, say, from nurse to sanitation engineer, I’d still be me.


  1. My friends know what I’m willing to put up with, and they rarely cross that line.
  2. If I’m with my family and they say things that start to make me feel like a little kid, I’ve got strategies to shut it down and protect myself.
  3. If someone asks questions about my personal life, I don’t feel guilty or defensive about politely refusing to answer.
  4. My values are my values.  I stick to them and if people don’t like it, that’s their problem.
  5. I’ve learned who I can safely share personal information with, and I’m careful not to confide in others who might not be as trustworthy.


  1. I’ve taken the time to figure out what I believe about spiritual matters.
  2. My life regularly includes incorporation of practices that satisfy my need for spirituality (prayer, walks in nature, meditation, etc.)
  3. My daily routine, while not obviously spiritual in practice, feels connected to who I am spiritually.
  4. I sometimes feel blown away by the vastness of the universe and my place in it, but I consider that awe to be a good, helpful thing in my self actualization process.
  5. I feel I have a place and a purpose in the universe.

Go ahead and tally up your score for each of the individual categories.  We’re not done with the quiz, but you may have already had some insights into yourself with this assessment.  Remember that you can’t “fail” this quiz; while there is a maximum score, there’s no perfect score.  This isn’t the SAT, it’s a search for self.

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