self doubt

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Most people believe that those who have achieved greatly are free of self-doubt. Or that if they, personally, achieve their biggest dreams, fame, or fortune they’ll be free of self-doubt.

If only.

I believe that whenever we set big goals or choose to stretch and grow, we’re going to have self-doubt. After all, we’re moving into new and unfamiliar territory, which brings risk, uncertainty, and requires development of new mental strategies and skills. How could some degree of self-doubt not be part of this process?

Of course, self-doubt is not fun and a reason that so many people decide to stay in their comfort zones. They don’t want to face the feelings that come with change and growth and so they stay put. They settle for half a loaf to avoid the unpleasant feelings that come with striving and achieving.

So if you’re on a path of achievement or personal growth, expect some self-doubt. Think of it as a traveling companion. Only you get to decide where it sits. It is not a good idea to allow it in the driver’s seat. Not even good to let it ride shotgun. Put it in the back seat where it belongs.

Remember that self-doubt will make you stronger. It will help you develop faith and persistence, inner strength and courage. By acting and moving forward, even in the face of self-doubt, not only do you grow but your victory will be all the sweeter.

Also remember that self-doubt is a choice. It will keep showing up as different voices in your head. “I’m not good enough to do this.” “It is too hard.” “No one supports me.” “I’m so tired.” “I didn’t know how much time it would take.” The good news is that you can decide how much power you give those voices. They’ll be there, but you can choose, instead, to listen to a different voice, one that supports and empowers you to live your vision and go after your dreams.

It isn’t that you get rid of the self-doubt. You make something else bigger.



  1. Don Friel

    Thank You for thinking of us

  2. Nicolas Perez

    I just want to say how much I appreciate your insights. I do a lot of reading on self help, but most of the literature that I come across is so mundane and full of platitudes. The Hero’s choice was a real breakthrough for me, enlightening and practical. I’m surprised that so little of the literature is devoted to emotional growth. Keep up the good work!

    • Roger Allen

      Thank you Nicolas. I’m glad you enjoy my writing.

  3. Connie Anderson

    I really appreciated this post. I think we think we are the only ones with self-doubt. I going to work on kicking mine to the rear seat.

    • Roger Allen

      Thanks for your comment Connie. It may always be with us but we can decide how much influence it has.


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